Workshop services

shop service | Eliot wrote this on 27 March 2018

Workshop services

We’re luck to have Mawi as our chief Mechanic. Always smiling and great with kids too - he’s grooming both of his young apprentice to take over in 2040 or whenever he retires. He handles both the workshop and bike spa at the shop and is one hell of a rider. Being a rider and riding for AGS Racing, he knows how a perfectly tune bike should perform and what sound a part shouldn’t make when your on the bike.

We sat down with him and crafted a realistic workshop service menu which caters for the needs of ourself and our fellow riders.

The Service and Wash Menu

Not your typical menu

Not your typical menu

Some items on the menu are self explanatory however there are a few things your should know when choosing a service.

Wash = Steam wash

We wash your bike using steam instead of a pressure washer. The hot steam is more effective at removing stubborn grime and dirt on your bike by heating it and making it soft. Then applying Muc-Off (besides it smells good, its good at removing dirt) and running it through a microfiber cloth will gently remove the dirt from your delicate bike paint. The result is a sparking smooth bike with dark black tire sidewalls (no brown stains on your tire sidewalls).

The wash is included within every service for Full Overhaul, Pro Racing Tune, New Bike Build (if required) and AGSTravelogue - if your coming back from a trip.

Difference between Full Overhaul & Pro Racing Tune

With Full Overhaul we’ll strip out your bike, inspect each part and clean every single one. The only thing we don’t strip off is your fork and shox, but we’ll tell you if it’s making weird noises and where you can send it to have it rebuild.

In Pro Racing Tune we do everything in Full Overhaul except we don’t touch your pivot/linkages nor do we examine pivot bearings or bushings. Everything else is the same with the same with Full Overhaul. We like to think of Pro Racing Tune is more towards prepping for the weekend where every rider is a Pro.

What is AGSTravelogue?

AGSTravelogue is a packing service that we offer for those who want to bring their bike on overseas trips. Simple bring your bike bag or box to us with your bike, your gear that you want to put in the bag or box and we’ll pack it for you. We’ll weight it and if exceeds the 30/32kg limit we’ll let you know. If you select the Two Way option, once your back from a trip just drop off your bike bag (which has your bike inside) at us and we’ll build your bike ready to shred the coming weekend.

Suspension setup with Shockwiz

Setting up your suspension can be confusing, complex and down right frustrating - basically a pain to your brain. Which is why we have Shockwiz to the rescue. After using it ourselves we think it’s an excellent piece of gadget to have to setup your suspension. These things are expensive and most of the time you’ll be using it once to set up the suspension. We got a few for you guys to rent, just come on over and we’ll let you know how to use the little contraption.

Bikes for rental

Our rental bikes are bikes from fellow mountain bikers and most of em are full suspensions bikes. We don’t have a list since most of the time the rental fleet changes. Email us to know what bikes we have available for rent.

A word on Discounts

Like everything good in Malaysia prices on the menu is without discounts. The Menu serves as a guide for how much you will be charge when you send your bike to us. If you need to replace a valve core for your tubeless setup and you have your own valve, definitely it will be less than RM25. You want air for your wheels, free. Need to tight a loose bolt at 6NM using a torque wrench, free… you get the idea.

Note: If we get things wrong in the menu let us know. Like any great Nasi Lemak restaurant, over time we’ll get the basics right - but the condiment will change over time.