Besides having a physical store selling the usual mountain biking related products and providing bicycle services for our fellow cyclist, we also hold distributor and reseller rights for a number of innovative brands. We carefully select these brands not because "you can't get it here" kind of products, but more to do with what they have accomplished.

Online reviews is the starting point for us to weed out brands that is worth our consideration. We then bring in a few units and give it to our racers to abuse. Besides them, within the AGS community there are few guys who could destroy a products by just looking! After a few months we'll know if it survives our torture and some of its downsides. Finally after that testing we take a look at the brand itself. If we believe in the values of the brand (such as customer focus, warranty, support and history) and what is stands for then we'll try to sweet talk our way to become a distributor or reseller.

It is a lengthy process but we feel it is necessary for our customers to get the best products from us at whatever the price point it might be.

Reseller opportunities for bike shop owners and online retailers

We now represent these following brands in Malaysia and some parts of South East Asia. If you're a bike shop owner or an online reseller and interested in carrying any (hopefully all) of these brands in your store - just write to us